You Belong Here

If you've ever left your phone at home, you know what it's like when the beginning stage of withdrawal sets in. You panic. You compulsively check your pockets, wondering if someone has texted you. But your pockets are empty. You're disconnected. 

The difficulty of going "unplugged," even for a day, is that we crave connection.  From our earliest years, the need to belong drives many of our choices.  Whether it's an exchanged smile or a Facebook "like," we are thrilled when someone notices and includes us. 

As primal as our need for food and shelter, our need to belong is part of what makes us human.  Yet belonging easily escapes us.  We are often disappointed by the very people we thought we were most strongly connected to. 

What if you found a community that would include you - a place that didn't just welcome you, but valued you as you are? 

First Alliance Church is that kind of place.  Welcome home.  You belong here. 

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New to Church?


Maybe you've never been to church.  Maybe you have, but it's been awhile. No matter where you're at on the journey, you belong at First Alliance Church in Hockessin.

What to Expect


Visiting a new place can be intimidating. 

We get that.  Let us help by filling you in on what you can expect when you come to First Alliance.

A Ministry for Everyone


At First Alliance, you can receive prayer ministry, reach out to our community with us, plug in to adult discipleship, connect with our youth, and so much more. 

Meet Our Pastor

Erick Adams


Senior Leadership

Erick and Anne followed God's call to First Alliance in June of 2018. Their greatest desire is to help people walk and grow in their faith journey with Jesus. 

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Stop by to visit us during service times on Sunday mornings at 10 AM or Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM.  Or, schedule an appointment with us anytime during the week.  

Our aim is to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

First Alliance Church

2145 Graves Rd, Hockessin, DE 19707, US

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